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Christchurch: A city of opportunity for all. Open to new ideas, new people and new way of doing things - a city where everything is possible.

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Smart Christchurch’s vision is to promote Christchurch as an exemplar open and connected city, showcasing solutions that make life better and are replicated by others.

Smart Christchurch is exploring new technology and approaches that will help make our city a smarter, safer place to live, work and play. New smart technologies and sensors will allow us to gather real-time data on all sorts of things, so we can see how the city is functioning, and respond appropriately. Being a “smart city” will also bring many other benefits for Christchurch, such as better planning and decision-making, attracting international talent to the city, and creating new business opportunities.

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16 May 2018

Take a step into the future

An Innovation Expo in Christchurch next week will transport you to a world where autonomous lawn mowers cut your grass and your organic waste is turned into sustainable energy. More


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