Action Bicycle Club Ltd

Our electric cargo trike and cargo bike can be on display in the area set up to ...

Our electric cargo trike and cargo bike can be on display in the area set up to show current uses. People can interact with the bikes, test ride (outside) and take note of the modular possibilities that could, in the future, be of benefit to their business.

People can interact with the bikes and test ride (outside)


Beyond a retail store, we are a business that focuses on micro mobility to solve the transport and pollution problems facing NZ and the world. Besides a range of cargo bikes, we import electric trikes for business looking to replace delivery vehicles greener more agile transportation options. So far our clients include OOOOBY for local vegetable deliveries, On A Mission (Auckland courier logistics) and Waste Management. Our electric trikes are modular so can be used across a range of industries. I.e Food trucks, Logistics, School bus etc...

We are the sole importer and distributor for the Radkutsche brand of electric cargo bikes in New Zealand. As a business we believe bikes have the ability to solve some of the world most pressing issues on a local level here in Christchurch.

The future is now. Pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and cars all need to share the space. As our cities grow and space condesnses, there is no longer a viable option for large trucks and vans to enter central city spaces, therefor last-mile transportation options are fast becoming a desired alternative. Additionally, cargo bikes are seen as a healthier alternative to cars. Not only are they cheaper for businesses to run they also eliminate carbon emissions produced by vehicles and promote healthly, increased quality of life.

The award winning Muskitier (our primary cargo bike to replace vehicles) is a flexible, environmentally-friendly, strong cargo bike. It offers a successful mix of comfortable cargo-transport and environmental locomotion as well as plenty of flexibility thanks to the multitide of different superstructures, high payload (200kg) and performance electric motor.