Fulton Hogan have launched a new brand, AdvanceSite®, focused on delivering new technology solutions to the infrastructure market. AdvanceSite® offers market leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT for real-time monitoring, control and predictive analytics with a proven track record for secure, reliable and accurate data capture and display.

Not only does AdvanceSite™ technology identify risks in real-time through sensor technology and smart data analytics, we also use our experience on site to help better analyse the data, presenting it in a practical and useful manner to help companies forecast with confidence, and operate with safety and efficiency.

• SCALABLE & REPLICABLE: AdvanceSite™ offers the ability to scale by adding multiple solutions to the offering within the same contract. We tailor solutions for specific client/contract needs, and where possible make them replicable across multiple contracts owned by the same client.

• OUTCOME-DRIVEN: AdvanceSite™ helps the client make better decisions, and rethink the way manual practices are approached. We use technology to keep people and communities safer and streamline operations.

• BETTER FORECASTING: AdvanceSite™ sensors deliver data in real-time and knows what to do with data intelligence to get better results, faster. We operate in real-time, responding to calls for support in an agile manner.