Innovation Expo 2019

The Innovation Expo is a showcase of solutions that combine data, technology, and new approaches to make Christchurch a better place to live.

The Innovation Expo is organised by the Christchurch City Council’s Smart Christchurch programme to showcase some of the exciting, cutting edge technologies being developed in our city. The Expo is about looking to the future and giving the public a glimpse of some of the new technologies and approaches that are coming Christchurch’s way. It’s a chance for people to learn about how we are trialling new technologies to help create a more connected Christchurch.

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There will be about 50 interactive exhibits on display. You can visit anytime between 10am-5pm.

Free Entry. You can register your attendance here: Smart Christchurch Innovation Expo tickets

Who will be at the Expo?

The ExpoDojos

Hear from industry experts. Attend one or all of the sessions.

10:30 – 11:00am       Presentation: The data brokers challenge in unlocking commercial data for public good

Hear Drew from Data Ventures explain how they have pulled datasets from commercial providers that will allow planners and operational managers to create a better experience for citizens of our cities. Using population density as their first product, see how aggregation and visualisation of this data has given decision makers insights into how people move around the cities.

Drew Broadley, Data Ventures Executive Director

11:15 – 11:45pm      Presentation: Security Matters

Lateral Security will be drawing on their years of experience and expertise in the IT Security industry in New Zealand to present on the importance of good IoT security, smart passwords and what Glenn did when he got a new television.

  • Ed Robinson, Lateral Security, IT Security Consultant
  • Glenn Sparrow, Lateral Security, Services Account Manager

12:00 – 12:45pm      Panel discussion: Future Transport

Do you ever e-scooter to work? You may soon have the option of an autonomous vehicle or even a flying car. Technology is changing the way we get around and there are more options than ever.

Hear from the panel on what our future transport system could look like and how New Zealand is getting ready for change. 

This panel discussion will be facilitated by the Business Commercialisation Specialist of Christchurch NZ, Sheralee MacDonald.  The panel consists of:

1:00pm – 1:45pm Panel discussion: 5G is here; what are the implications for our cities and citizens?

Following the news that both Spark and Vodafone will be launching 5G networks over the next 12 months, we have brought together an expert panel to set the scene of what the future holds.             

5G has the potential to completely change the way businesses and consumers interact with wireless devices, from smartphones to IoT, including billions of sensors deployed across different applications and industries.

Our panel will be facilitated by the CEO of TUANZ Craig Young, with expert panellists:

2:00pm – 2:45pm      Panel discussion: Smart Cities in NZ; how are we doing?

Government of all shapes and sizes are embracing the power of new technology and approaches to boost productivity, enhance livability, and save the planet.                                                                                 

Join New Zealand’s Smart Cities leaders from Auckland, Hamilton, Hutt City and Crhistchurch as they share stories about their smart cities journeys.

This panel session will be facilitated by Brendan Anstiss, GM Strategy and Transformation, Christchurch City Council with Smart Cities managers from the following cities:

3:00pm – 3:30pm      Presentation: The dollar and sense of Smart Cities investment, infrastructure, and sustainability.

City governments are seeking to meet citizens’ increasing demands and expectations for smarter infrastructure and connectivity without the funds to deliver.                                                                                     

The challenge for cities around the world is to take the successes and lessons learned from precinct-sized investment, procurement, commercialisation and activation – and scale for city-wide deployment.

Stuart Dillon-Roberts, Head of Technology and Business NZ, PMY Group

3:45 – 4:15pm      Presentation: Citycare Water I 6Sense Asset Watch Technology

Best in kind smart water networks do not occur by chance.  With the rapid evolution in internet of things IoT instrumentation, there is the real risk of clients being locked into stranded solutions and systems. One solution is to work across the IoT stack from the start – including problem definition, options, solutions, testing, onboarding and implementation.

This discussion examines aspects of the Citycare IoT as a service approach, and how this approach could benefit clients.

Hugh Blake-Manson, Contract Manager, Citycare

4:30pm – 5:00pm Presentation: Combining connectivity and AI to build smarter cities.

AI is already deeply ingrained in our lives. But what exactly is AI and how can it help us moving towards Smart Cities?

This session aims to explain AI in simple terms and uses tangible examples offering a glimpse into the near future. 

Eduard Liebenberger, Director of Technology, Jade Software Corporation

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The Innovation Expo showcases solutions that combine data, technology, and new approaches to make Christchurch a better place to live. Your exhibit can be anything from a bright idea to a prototype or a commercially available product. Exhibit your smart solution at the Innovation Expo 2019. Applications open NOW!

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