The Innovation Expo is a showcase of solutions that combine data, technology, and new approaches to make Christchurch a better place to live.

Abley will run demonstrations of 3D models via a large TV screen and laptop that we have created for various clients. Our Digital Engineerin... More

Our electric cargo trike and cargo bike can be on display in the area set up to show current uses. People can interact with the bikes, test ... More


The Intelligent Container Straddle Training Simulator’s purpose is to train staff in port companies to operate a container straddle. A con... More

Your future depends on turning the most demanding business problems into solutions that create extraordinary value for your customers. From ... More

Visit the Callaghan Innovation exhibit to learn more about the R&D Tax Incentive and other products such as grants that help support innovat... More

Early this year, Christchurch Airport launched a new training platform for its airport fire service. The airport business was looking for in... More

Innovation expo 2019

Innovation Expo 2019