Free wi-fi trial begins in Cathedral Square

A three-month free public wi-fi trial in Cathedral Square has been launched at Christchurch’s Innovation Expo.

The trial is a result of a partnership between Christchurch City Council, Spark and Enable.

The trial means that people visiting the Square will be able to read the news or scroll through Facebook without incurring data charges if they connect to the Christchurch Free wi-fi network.

As part of the trial, Spark is also offering Christchurch Free public wi-fi at its central city phone boxes.

The Councils partnership with Spark and Enable means the threemonth trial can be run without any financial impact on ratepayers.

“This is a great example of public and commercial partners working together to create the best outcomes for the public as well as the ratepayers,’’ says Christchurch City Council Smart Cities ProgrammeManager Teresa McCallum.

“I’m delighted that we have been able to announce the free wi-fi trial at today’s Innovation Expo because this expo is about showcasing the work that is being done to make Christchurch a 21st century smart city.

“The vision of our Smart Cities Christchurch programme is to create a consistent experience for Wi-Fi users in Christchurch from the airport to the sea – whether they are in a café, the public realm, at an event, or using our public facilities.

“The wi-fi trial in the Square brings us a step closer to realising that outcome, and making Christchurch one of the most connected cities in the world,’’ Ms McCallum says.

Today’s Innovation Expo, at the Novotel Hotel in Cathedral Square, has been organised by Smart Cities as part of Techweek’18.