Bin Good Game

Launched: 2020

A fun game to help people remember what goes in which bin.

The Bin Good game is a simple, positive, interactive, online game that tests knowledge of what waste items belong in which bin. Designed to be an engaging, interactive way of helping people remember what goes in which bin, the Bin Good game aims to improve the amount of waste which can be recycled and reduce landfill.

High volumes of recyclable material is being contaminated, requiring it to be sent to landfill and resulting in high costs to the Council.  Contamination of recyclable material is not new as people are often confused and lack confidence in deciding what goes in which bin.  The Bin Good Game is another tactic to engage our community to learn about putting their waste in the right bin.

The game was developed in house by the Smart Christchurch programme, in conjunction with the Marketing, Design, IT and Resource Recovery teams.

Expected outcomes

  • Improved community knowledge of what items go in which bin
  • Reduced landfill and non-recyclable yellow bin collections
  • Encourage the use of the Council bin app, which has bin collection information, specific tips and information on how common household waste items should be disposed of


From Dec 2020 – May 2021: 13,000 users, 18,000 user sessions, 700,000 bin drops (events).


Continuing to be developed around specific events

Community outcomes

Resilient communities | Liveable city | Healthy environment