Digital Twin

Launched: 2018

A 3D digital model of Christchurch city to assist in visualisation, emergency responses, planning and more.

A digital twin is a digital representation of the physical world.  It is a virtual representation of a physical object or system using real-time data and other sources. After successfully building a Christchurch City digital twin proof of concept (POC) on an external specialist platform, the Smart Christchurch Programme is now working with the Council’s GIS Team to create this model and associated datasets within our core GIS enterprise software. The programme is also working with other cities and central government on developing a national digital twin strategy.

The creation of a quality, 3D, digital twin model enables the Council to build and maintain a 3D foundation for the future, to assist with a myriad of use cases including:

  • Guidance on the use and development of land
  • Facilitating suitable development and redevelopment
  • Encouraging community involvement and support with more interactive engagement and consultation methods
  • Essential for various Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects that the Smart Cities programme are considering with their technology partners

There is also a very wide range of other potential uses for organisations outside the Council, including:

  • Urban planning
  • Facility management
  • Emergency response
  • Urban studies
  • Visualisation for navigation

The initial Christchurch Twin digital twin POC included aboveground and underground infrastructure, 3D building & feature imagery and Building Information Modelling (BIM) digital representations of key rebuild projects such as Tūranga, the new central library.

Community outcomes

Resilient communities | Liveable city | Prosperous economy