Facilitating the development of the eSports industry in schools and the community.

In partnership with Tūranga, the inaugural eSports event was held with eight Christchurch secondary schools in October 2020. The Smart Christchurch programme is working with libraries, the Ministry of Education, and the local gaming industry to organise regional and national competitions, with an aim being to attract bigger eSports events to the city in future.


The eSports and gaming industry is one of the major, recent growth areas not just in New Zealand, but around the world. eSports is beneficial for developing a number of skills, including communication, teamwork, mental agility and adaptability, and analysis. Growing the industry also opens up a number of opportunities for new jobs in the gaming industry, in areas such as game development and design, and 3D animation and modelling. Access to technology and platforms to participate in eSports is vital for young people to enhance these skills and be prepared for new job opportunities. It is also a chance to strengthen connections with and between local, innovative, technology-focused businesses and organisations.

Smart Christchurch hopes to facilitate more events for students and the community to grow eSports in Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand.

Expected outcomes

  • Engage students and the community with eSports in a positive, accessible environment
  • Encourage development of communication, analysis and teamwork skills through eSports and gaming
  • Help facilitate and attract eSports events to Christchurch to grow the local community and industry
  • Strengthen local, innovative organisational and business connections


The inaugural event at Tūranga attracted 500 people in person and 2000 people online.

Community outcomes

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