A new generation solution to deliver defendable, evidence-based decision-making information which increases certainty, and reduces risk.

Sentinel (formerly known as EQRNet) is a dense seismic network with more than 150 sensors across Christchurch. It combines best-practice engineering processes to manage our earthquake response in real-time, thereby safeguarding communities, employees, and our many assets above and below ground.

Sentinel is developed and operated by Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd (CSI). With Christchurch City Council as the anchor user of the network, CSI have created an affordable model that encourages uptake by lease holders, facility managers, engineers, building owners, Civil Defence and Emergency Management, homeowners, and the public to safeguard people and assets. It also provides a wealth of valuable data for industry development and academic research. Through our connection with Wellington City Council’s innovation programme, there is now a trial of approximately 100 sensors in Wellington using Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd.

Recent earthquakes in Canterbury, Marlborough, and Wellington have not only caused major loss of life, but also economic losses measuring well over $50 billion. This, and the growing prevalence of risk-based insurance premiums, means local and central government agencies, and emergency response teams, must capture more high-quality information for defensible decision-making.


Over 150 sensors across Christchurch have been rolled out, providing real-time response and safe guarding communities, employees, residents and our many assets above and below ground.  Winner:  SOLGM – Local Government Excellence Awards – Innovation in Asset and Infrastructure Management.

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